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Use of this site is always Presents agree to the terms, please use. (Terms and Conditions, and shall be changed without prior notice. If the change in the future, when available after the user has changed and what changes are applied, users agree to all changes be.)
Information will be used to accurately inform the alumni activities. Or sell the personal information to other companies or organizations that are not transferable.
Disclosure of personal

Without your consent, to disclose your personal information to outside companies signed a confidentiality agreement and cooperation of the subject site is not operated. However, in the following cases, may disclose your personal information.

- From public institutions such as courts and police, if a formal inquiry was based on the law

- In partnership with this site, if deemed necessary to provide services in collaboration with advertising companies or could

- The principal operation of the Site, for any other lawful purpose, if deemed appropriate based on reasonable grounds that disclosure


Use the services of this site, users upload the image to enter such information, registration information and images about themselves, and shall hold the copyright. ※ For other images and texts assume that you have the right to use images and other intellectual property rights required by the registration and use rights

Use the services of this site, or images created by information registered to upload pictures and enter the information in this site and sites affiliated with this site, as deemed necessary in view of this site is the copyright holder went on to treatment, and are available.

About Mail
Based on the decision of this site, and the announcement of our operational sites as part of a feature or registered address of the user, if the mere sending your mail.
Prohibited Conduct

Users about the use of this service, the following acts are prohibited. If the acts were prohibited, you can stop and remove the appropriate portion of the Service without prior notice. In that case, complaints and questions about the ban on using delete does not accept any result.

- User services provided by this site, use of the service (used) for access to services, whether in whole or part, commercial exploitation (use, reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, and resell Ikan 問Imasen the form) will be banned.

- Users may not copy any information obtained through this site, sale, publication, use of non-private use that as an individual in any way other users can not be released to the other Members or third parties is not responsible for the acts must be similar.

- To collect or store personal information of other users, and trying to prevent these acts or.

- Members of the false information (name, place of residence, date of birth, address and other personal information) to register or acts that misuse the name of another person and other information. In addition, even when permitted to register, the registration of the registered membership information (such as e-mail address and password) to use, the use of this site.

- Such information, including false or misleading content, or registration activities on equal

- Industrial property rights of others (patents, trademarks, etc.), copyright, violation of trade secrets and other intellectual property rights of

- Infringing someone else's credit or reputation, privacy rights of others or violate the rights of any other act of right of publicity

- Act of doing criminality or taking part in this

- Act that obstructs management, providing with this service or use of this service by other users or interferes to them

- Solicitation and advertising announcement to the effect on one or more outgoing and using the same e-mail function for the purpose of Community Diary (post-Multi-spam, including chain mail), and different from the intent of the participants seems to be on local communities

- E-mail functions and link functions, such as on-board function by sending and indiscriminate, promiscuous and a lot of history on the purpose of accessing and using the history feature guided access

- Put a strain on the server acts beyond the scope of normal use, and it acts to promote

- Violations of law or public order

- Nude scanty underwear, including mosaics, paintings on illustrations and other images that are considered obscene, indecent, and other expressions on the

- Violent, grotesque, photography, picture or representation on the public and other users feel uncomfortable

- One who acts to register more than one member

- The act of multiple people using one account

- Transfer to a third party invitations to act, or act of transfer of accounts will also be available to a third party

- Other sites that our actions deemed inappropriate based on reasonable grounds

Responsibility borne by the user

Users about the use of this service, and bear the burdens and responsibilities below.

- Sent during the service users (outbound) content, by use of the service users connect to the service user, arising in connection with any claim arising out of or infringement or violation of this Agreement by user name and claims, the costs and responsibilities shall be resolved by the user.

- for if such payments were compensation for expenses or if you encounter a site operator to respond to claims related to such claims and the user of such expenses and compensation money, etc. (site management including attorney's fees paid by the person) shall bear.

user is on the understanding the following disclaimer to this site, you can use.

- if deemed necessary by the site operator, change the contents of the Service at any time without notice to all our users, and shall be able to stop or discontinue. Service operator changes the contents of this site, even if you cancel or stop, the user shall assume no responsibility.

- user (1) services that can not be used or (2) the cost of the services or to make alternative products available to exchange information and perform transactions through the service be taken, (3) sends the user (initiator) was made to gain unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration or data, (4) said during the service by third parties, send (outbound) and acts, (5) Other service-related matters, and for any damages arising out of or caused, the liability shall not agree to our publishers.

user is on the understanding of the following content to this site, you can use.

- created their own group / community about writing, the third member (hereinafter, together with how to write to the local board members and "User" is called.) for writing and its obligation to manage, and about writing shall be subject to the application of information displayed as well as members.

- group / community in the event of conflict, the user is concerned, shall be settled at his own expense, damages incurred by you or any third party Arumunetto the user to compensate for what it said and then.