Course - Post Graduate
Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology in Clinical Biochemistry

Duration: 2½ years course (4 semesters + 6 months internship)
Eligibility: BSc Medical Laboratory Technology (BSc MLT)

Medical Laboratory Technology is an allied health profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease through the use of clinical laboratory tests. Though medical lab technologists spend less time with patients than doctors and nurses, they are just as dedicated to patients' health. As vital members of the health care team, medical laboratory professionals play a critical role in collecting the information needed to give the best care to an ill or injured patient. The fact is, the practice of modern medicine would be impossible without the tests performed in the laboratory.

Clinical biochemists specialize in diagnostics and therapeutics using their knowledge of biochemical and physiological functions of the human body in wellness and disease. The demand for such trained professionals is ever increasingand there is a huge gap between demand for such professionals and their availability. The reason for this can be associated with increasing awareness among the general masses of the people towards health and hygiene, mushrooming health-care facilities/ hospitals and initiatives to assure that only trained personnel be allowed to perform the specific duties.

Objectives of the Program


  • To learn judicious use of various biochemical laboratory tests.
  • To prepare individuals to conduct and supervise complex medical tests, clinical trials, and research experiments, manage clinical laboratories; and consult with physicians and clinical researchers on diagnoses, disease causation and spread, and research outcomes.
  • To facilitate skills needed for performing various biochemical tests.
  • To integrate basic scientific knowledge for biochemical diagnosis and monitoring.
  • To develop skilled human resources in medical biochemistry for teaching and research


About the course


Course description



The students will be taught subjects related to their course along with practical. Universal precautions as well as medical ethics are also being taught.

The students will acquire knowledge and learn techniques in biochemistry laboratory testing and medical ethics.

Second year

The students will be taught subjects related to their course along with practical. They will also be taught a course on research methods and quality health system.

The students will acquire knowledge and learn various techniques in biochemistry laboratory testing.

Third year
6 months Internship

During this period the students will be trained to perform different methods in biochemistry laboratory testing and analyzing various types of samples through postings in biochemistry laboratory of the hospital in which they are doing their internship. During this period they will also be conducting a project under the supervision of a guide.

The students will enhance and strengthen their practical skills and gain an in-depth experience in the different techniques that are involved with biochemistry laboratory diagnosis along with quality control procedures. The students will be able to collect, analyze and interpret data for their project report.

Course of study
Teaching is delivered by a combination of:

  • Theoretical knowledge: lectures, demonstration, seminars, computer aided learning and assignments.
  • Practical knowledge: practical classes, hands-on clinical experience in hospitals and rural healthcare. Training in other health institutions and internship.

Job prospects:

  • Hospital laboratories.
  • Diagnostic centers.
  • Blood banks.
  • Government sectors
  • Teaching faculty
  • Researchers
  • In hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centres, academic institutions, research labs and industry.

    This course is offered in:-

    Allied Health Sciences Department,
    Martin Luther Christian University,
    Dongktieh, Nongrah, Shillong-793006

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    Mission Statement

    To contribute to the sustainable development of Meghalaya and Northeast India, by providing knowledge, skills and values that will enable our students to become global citizens while upholding gender, ethnic and religious equity for all, conserving its bio-cultural heritage, and  by recognizing its Christian legacy and commitment .

    Student's Pledge

    We the incoming/outgoing students of the Martin Luther Christian University vow to always uphold the principles of Honesty, Sustainability, Tolerance and Respect, Quality, Perseverance, Humility, Teamwork, Leadership, Accountability and Recognition as upheld to us in the University. This pledge we make freely, fully understanding that these values will make us good humans and role models.

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