Course - Post Graduate
Master of Optometry


  • Integrated 2 Years Programme including a 3 Months Speciality Traning Programme at Sankara Nethralaya (Chennai)


  • One year Research Programme in various topics related to Optometry and vision science


  • 1- Graduate in B.S. Optometry (4 Years) Graduate and /or equivalent degree.
  • 2- Candidates who have completed a structured one year or more Fellowship in Optometry from a recognized eye care institution.

Optometrists perform comprehensive eye examinations that include both the internal and external structures of the eye. They also perform tests and diagnostic procedures to evaluate vision and various other visual system parameters. Trained to treat various eye diseases, Optometrist are at the forefront in combating avoidable blindness globally as laid down by the WHO. A major percentage of blindness is refractive errors which can be easily treated by simple lenses, spectacles. Optometrist donot perform surgery but provide the pre and post-surgical care to any type of eye/ocular surgeries. Trained in visual rehabilitation especially to people who have low vision, Optometrist prescribe certain devices that help low vision patients function independently in activities of daily living[ADL]. Ophthalmologist and Optometrist often work together in the same practice in co- managing patients.

About the Course
1-Integrated 2 years Programme
2-One year research Programme


Course Description


1st year
1st & 2nd Semester

Primary focus will be on thorough and comprehensive knowledge of public health and biostatistics which is unavoidable in today’s modern health care system besides specialty focus on advances in Optometry and specialty clinical skills. Specialty clinical skills will include from diagnostics handling to advanced contact lens fittings to binocular vision screening.

Specialty subjects in Optometry with Introduction to advanced Biostatistics and Epidemiology

2nd year
3rd & 4th Semester

Focus will be on project data collection, analysis and dissertation submission and defense.

Focus on research project


Course of study

  • Theoretical knowledge: Lecture, demonstration, group discussion, guest lecturer, assignments, case studies Seminars & presentations.
  • Practical skills: Data collection, data entry, analysis of data using MS Excel or SPSS or both, Project dissertation, project defense, case presentations, research project related journal articles review and 3 months specialty training at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai.

Career Prospects
Post graduates in Optometry would find themselves spoiled with endless choice, from private practice, to academics, to research and development, to being a part of a vision science lab, to the optical industry, to MNCs, the choice is literally endless. Well established schools and colleges of Optometry would obviously prefer a well- qualified Optometrist to teach, manage and run a vision science research lab or simply to run the daily affairs of the place.

Interested candidates do pursue PhDs but almost everyone doing a PhD flies abroad since not much opportunities are available in India. Optometrist are the back bone of any eye hospital be it government or private. Optometrist do an outstanding job especially when it comes to handling advanced diagnostics procedures ex, advanced contact lens fittings to OCT, FFA, ICG etc., in an eye care set up.
The Optical Industry worldwide and in India, companies turn to Optometrist for research and development in newer technologies in Optics with marketing of new advanced spectacle lenses. Some Optometrist also hold important managerial positions in many eye related MNCs. Pharmaceutical MNCs employ Optometrist in their ocular division in the development of new ocular molecules/drugs.

This course is offered in:-

Allied Health Science Department,
Martin Luther Christian University,
Dongktieh, Nongrah, Shillong-793006

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