Awareness Programme on e-waste

Rekart Pvt. Ltd. and GEMS Pvt Ltd through the directive of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in collaboration with Martin Luther Christian University organised an awareness programme on Environmental Hazards of e-waste under the Digital India Initiative on the 19th  of March 2019. The programme was attended by the students from the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Environment and Traditional Ecosystems.

Dr. Subhashish Dasgupta, the Head of Department, Environment and Traditional Ecosystems, in his welcome speech, stated that the initiative is a very timely one because just as electronic gadgets have become an integral part of our everyday life, so has electronic waste become an inevitable ugly reality that has to be grappled with.

The program was then led by the two resource persons, Meban Aiborlang Passi and Sumit Agarwal who dealt extensively with the topic of e-waste and its proper management. The resource persons talked about India becoming a fast growing IT hub which naturally entails a growth in the usage of computers, mobile phones and various other electronic gadgets. Although on the one hand this points to a developmental path, on the other hand, it also leads to adverse effects, one of them being the alarming increase of e-waste. However, a proper awareness given now can contribute a lot towards preventing a potential large scale future damage.

The resource persons talked about an important element of all electronic gadgets; the need to upgrade. Electronic gadgets over time become outdated and obsolete and with the advent of high end apps like the popular PUBG, consumers desire to upgrade their gadgets to more sophisticated ones that can support and run these latest apps. More often than not, the replaced gadgets get discarded carelessly in unscientific and unorganised manners that lead to the release of the toxic elements emanating from the gadgets into the environment.

The business of collecting and dismantling electronic scraps is a booming one in India so much so that India also collects the e-waste of other countries because the cost of dismantling of this type of waste in much cheaper in India than in other countries. However, this business is run in an unorganised and unscientific manner in that the labourers who carry out the dismantling do so in a way that exposes them to various health hazards that can even be fatal at times. In contrast, the e-waste that goes through proper waste management channels go through a thorough and scientific process where the reusable parts are recycled for future productions. This in turn helps in generating employment as this scientific method requires the technical know-how of people educated and trained in that area.

The resource persons hence encouraged the participants to play an active role in curbing the e-waste menace by refraining from discarding their electronic gadgets carelessly and to ensure that the scrap dealers to whom they sell their old gadgets discard the gadgets scientifically.

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