PhD in Theology

The University believes that the primary motivation for undertaking research must come from the doctoral candidate herself/himself and that the candidate should have a passion for solving an important and specific problem. The University will play the prime role in designing the study along with the candidate and the Supervisor will guide the domain discipline course work and the implementation of the study.

The University has adopted the regulations for PhD in Theology approved in the Academic Council of the University.


New Testament, Old Testament, Missiology, Church History, Christian Counseling, Christian Education and Communication


A Master’s Degree in Theology (MTh) with at least two to three years of experience, relevant to the study being undertaken for the doctoral work, is recommended.

Entrance Test:

All eligible candidates will have to appear for an entrance test and interview which will be conducted in the university in the following dates:

Last date for submission of applications - July 2, 2018

Entrance test- July 24, 2018

Interview - July 26, 2018

Results - July 27, 2018

The entrance test will have the following components:

1. English competency

2. Research Methods / Methodological Approaches related to Biblical Research

3. Analytical skills

4. Community Orientation  -

In this section, it is expected that the candidates are aware of prevailing social problems prevalent in society.

Course Work – The course work will be commence on September 4, 2018 and the framework will be as follows:

Sl no. Specialization Credits Paper
1. Christian Counseling Christian Education Communication Missiology 4 Research Methodology
2. Christian Counseling Christian Education Communication Missiology 4 Counseling Research Methods Christian Education Research Methods Communication Research Methods Missiological research Methods

New Testament

Old Testament

4 Approaches to Research

New Testament

Old Testament

4 Advanced learning of languages - Hebrew and Greek

New Testament

Old Testament

4 Third languages - German, French or Spanish
6. For all specializations 8 - 12 credits Subject Specific Credits

Fees structure of PhD in Theology

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The venue of the course work will be confirmed by August 24, 2018.

Mission Statement

To contribute to the sustainable development of Meghalaya and Northeast India, by providing knowledge, skills and values that will enable our students to become global citizens while upholding gender, ethnic and religious equity for all, conserving its bio-cultural heritage, and  by recognizing its Christian legacy and commitment .

Student's Pledge

We the incoming/outgoing students of the Martin Luther Christian University vow to always uphold the principles of Honesty, Sustainability, Tolerance and Respect, Quality, Perseverance, Humility, Teamwork, Leadership, Accountability and Recognition as upheld to us in the University. This pledge we make freely, fully understanding that these values will make us good humans and role models.

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