MLCU holds an Awareness Campaign on Consumer Rights in city

Shillong March 30: As part of the International Consumer Rights Day which is observed every year on March 15, the Department of Social Work, Martin Luther Christian University today March 30th 2017, organized an Awareness campaign on Consumer Rights, in the locality of Umlyngka, East Khasi Hills district. This awareness program has been sponsored by the office of the Deputy Commissioner (Supply), East Khasi Hills.

The awareness programme was held in the Community Hall, Umlyngka and was attended by the headmen, Mr Stephan Lyngdoh, members of the community, students of the department of Social Work, MLCU, faculty members etc. The resource persons for this awareness programme included Shri Shai Kupar War, Project manager, Project Management Unit, Office of the Director of Supply, GoM, Smti. J Rapthap, Inspector of Weights and Measures, Office of Controller of Legal Metrology, Weights and Measures, East Khasi Hills, and Shri. Lurshaphrang Shongwan, Advocate High Court of Meghalaya.

While giving the welcome address, the headman Mr. Lyngdoh, informed that this awareness programme is one of the first steps towards educating the people of the area on their rights as a consumer and thanked the University and the office of the Deputy Commissioner (Supply), East Khasi Hills for organising such events in their locality.

Resource person, Shri Shai Kupar War, Project manager, Project Management Unit, Office of the Director of Supply, GoM gave a brief talk on the different aspects and benefits of the National Food Security Act 2013, which is an Act of the Parliament of India with an aim to provide subsidized food grains to approximately two thirds of India’s 1.2 billion population. It was signed into law on September 12, 2013.

He advised the villagers and the students to be aware of the rights that have been made for their benefits and he went on to add the various points in the act that can the community to feed its poor.

Smti. J Rapthap, Inspector of Weights and Measures, Office of Controller of Legal Metrology, during her speech talked at length about how consumers are being duped shopkeepers who don’t use proper weighing instruments. She added that one has to always be alert while buying products that have to be weighed and to check the weighing machine for any irregularities.

Shri. Lurshaphrang Shongwan, Advocate, High Court of Meghalaya while talking on the different kinds of punishable acts under the Consumer Rights Protection Act 1986, informed that this awareness campaign has come at the right time and it will be very helpful to the people residing in rural areas since they often fall victim to fraud by the sellers.

After the meeting, the students of the 2nd Semester, Bachelor of Social Work, MLCU, went on a house to house visit throughout the entire area of Umlyngka and talked to members of each and every household about the various rights that they have as a consumer/customer while also distributing pamphlets with further detailed information on the Consumer Rights Protection Act 1986 and also asked the residents about their queries regarding Consumer Rights. These grievances and queries will then be forwarded to the office of the Deputy Commissioner (Supply), EKH for further action

The students also performed a role play on the topic of Consumer Rights and the rules and regulations about the Weights and Measures.

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