Condolence meeting held in memory of MLCU's founding Chancellor

Shillong  March 27: A condolence meeting in memory of one of the founding members and the first Chancellor of Martin Luther Christian University,  Dr KM Shyamprasad was held today at the University campus. The condolence meeting was attended not only by the faculty,  staff and the students of the University but also few prominent members of the city.
Apart from the Vice,  Mr RG Lyngdoh and the Registrar Mr DD Ingty,  members of Board  of Governors,  MLCU Ms. Patricia Mukhim and Mr. T Mark;  former member of MLCU Finance Committee Tbn T Lyngkhoi, Chairman of MLCU Ethics Committee and member of the University's Academic Council Dr G Rangad were also present.
Dr.  KM Shyamprasad, MS, DNB Cardiothoracic, FRCS, CMC Vellore batch of 1967 passed away on March 25, 2017, he was 64, and he is survived by three sisters. In his early years he worked at Apollo Hospital Chennai and CSI Rainy Hospital.  In his later years he was the Vice President of the National Board of Examinations and served on several government health committees, including the boards of AIIMS and PGI Chandigarh.   He had earlier been chairman of the CMC Ludhiana Board.
The funeral service which was held at his home in Chennai on 26th March 2017, was attended by family and close friends. Later his body was also taken to  St George’s Cathedral, Chennai for a service and it was attended by about 200 people, including several CMC alumni, his classmates Tusna Rustomji, David Park, Suryalatha and Isaac Jebraj, John David and Benny Benjamin were also there. The eulogy was delivered by Dr Glenn C Kharkongor who was the first Vice Chancellor of MLCU  and also a close friend of the late Dr.  Shyamprasad.
Dr. Shyamprasad had been ill and less mobile since he suffered a fracture in December 2016, exacerbated by a second fall and displacement of the prosthesis. He passed away due to a massive heart attack at 11:30 am on 25th March,  2017
The VC of the University Mr Lyngdoh while paying his tribute to the late Chancellor spoke about Dr. Shyamprasad's hard work and dedication to serve his fellow men and how his pioneering vision led to the establishment of the first full-fledged Christian University in India, in 2005. He added that Dr.  Shyamprasad legacy shall live on with MLCU because this was his child and that his ideas and thoughts for the University will be carried out by those still here to take up the mantle.
Since Dr.  Glenn C Kharkongor could not attend the Condolence meeting his message was read by Dr.  Jennifer R War,  Associate Dean,  Academics, MLCU,  in which Dr.  Kharkongor reminisced about the birth of the University and how Dr.  Shyamprasad's vision and hard work paid off when the University opened its doors to the students of Meghalaya and North East India in 2006.
A heartfelt message was also given by Dr.  Larilin Kharpuri,  Deputy Registrar,  MLCU who was one of the first staff to be appointed in the University.  She recounted the working experience she shared with Dr.  Shyam during the first few years of the University. She added that Dr. Shyam was one of the most humble person and that he never had any airs of superiority about him,  especially when dealing with staff of the University. She added that Dr. Shyamprasad believed that it was important for all the staff to have a career path so that they grow along with the University.
Ms Patricia Mukhim also fondly reminisced about the time when Dr.  Shyamprasad would visit Shillong often and that the University would be a part in many a collaborative effort for the betterment of the society.
Condolence messages were also given by Dr Rennie Lakadong, Head of Department,  Allied Health Sciences,  MLCU besides others and message sent by Rev. PBM Basaiawmoit was read.

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