Martin Luther Christian University

Creation of the University

Martin Luther Christian University was created by Act No. 11 of 2005 of the Legislative Assembly of Meghalaya and received the assent of the Governor on July 6, 2005. The Government of Meghalaya issued the gazette notification on February 22, 2006. The creation of the university is in accordance with the University Grants Commission Act, 1956 under Section 2(f) and the university is empowered to grant degrees under Section 22 of the UGC Act.

Several students and graduates of MLCU have been awarded JRF, NET and merit scholarships by the UGC. Many graduates of MLCU are pursuing their higher studies in universities and institutions in different parts of the country and abroad.

The First Christian University

Martin Luther Christian University is the first full-fledged Christian University in India, the capstone to more than two centuries of Christian education in this country. As a Christian university, MLCU has the mandate, mission and commitment to engage proactively with the Christian community, especially youth, Christian educational institutions and Christian organizations.

A Developmental University

The University recognises its opportunity and responsibility to contribute to the sustainable development of Meghalaya and the Northeast region, participating not only in higher education, but also in vocational education, health care, information and communication networks, agri-sciences, environmental conservation, gender studies, cultural documentation, peace building and interventional projects. The University collaborates with NGOs, community organisations, and industry in the development of the community.

The Name

The University is named after Martin Luther (1483-1546), a church reformer who is known as the Father of Protestantism. Though Martin Luther left law studies to become a monk, his enlightened views on education are quoted to this day. He was especially concerned about “parents who do not have the opportunity or means to educate their children”. His sermon on “Keeping children in schools” later published as a treatise, focused on poor families who needed their children to work rather than go to school. He laid emphasis on the establishment and maintenance of Christian Schools in response to a decline in the church run schools in the 16th century.

The Emblem

The University Emblem comprises of the Knup, the Cross and the Hearth. The Knup is a traditional woven bamboo cane cape used as a protection against rain when working in the fields or out in the open. The Knup symbolises protection and nurture in the journey through hardship to gain knowledge. In the centre of the Knup, is the Cross which is the symbol of Christianity and denotes sacrifice and endurance. At the base of the Knup is the Hearth with burning fire which occupies an important place in tribal houses. It is a place where parents and elders gather to instruct, narrate stories and sing songs while imparting the cultural and traditional knowledge of the forefathers to the younger generation.

The Motto

Noted poet, historian and archeologist George Fabricius (1516- 1571) eulogised the Protestant Reformist, Martin Luther as “The Light of Truth.” Martin Luther Christian University’s motto has emerged from this praise of the Father of Protestantism. According to Fabricius, truth is a light that illuminates, educates and edifies.


Mission Statement

To contribute to the sustainable development of Meghalaya and Northeast India, by providing knowledge, skills and values that will enable our students to become global citizens while upholding gender, ethnic and religious equity for all, conserving its bio-cultural heritage, and  by recognizing its Christian legacy and commitment .

Student's Pledge

We the incoming/outgoing students of the Martin Luther Christian University vow to always uphold the principles of Honesty, Sustainability, Tolerance and Respect, Quality, Perseverance, Humility, Teamwork, Leadership, Accountability and Recognition as upheld to us in the University. This pledge we make freely, fully understanding that these values will make us good humans and role models.

Contact Details

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